About Us

BELVES Design Pty Ltd is a small design consultancy, based in Albury on the New South Wales -Victoria border in South-East Australia.

We have extensive experience in systems review, analysis, and design, data processing and electronics design, analysis and production and software design and production.

Electronic design expertise includes work in analogue signal processing, digital signal processing, portable microprocessor based machine controllers, intelligent communications controllers, PLCs, User Interface Design, Command Control and Communication systems of all types.

Process and procedure design review and analysis include work, control and data flow analysis in electronics, manufacturing, and office processes. We can find bottle necks and increase throughput and productivity through modified use of existing processes and innovative development of new processes.

Our ability to design electronics sensor and actuator systems, smart controllers, network data and control paths, and control systems and software make us integration ninjas.

We have experience in circuit design for analogue signal processing, mixed analogue and digital signal processing systems, motor control systems, and battery powered portable systems. Real time systems, complex controls, fancy data handling, are all standard for us; tell us your requirements and constraints and we’ll show you the solution.

Process control, information control, and change management are all routine considerations for us.

We can provide advice and support to help you manage your research, development, and innovation to maximise your return on investment.